Iranian Business Community in Dallas
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Exploring the Iranian Business Community in Dallas: Authentic Persian Restaurants, Markets, and More

The Iranian Business Community in Dallas plays a pivotal role in fostering cross-cultural exchanges and driving economic growth within the city.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is home to one of the largest and most thriving Iranian populations in the United States. Estimates put the Iranian American population in DFW at around 20,000. This vibrant community has contributed to many fantastic Iranian-owned businesses that showcase Persian culture and cuisine.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of Dallas’s top must-visit Iranian businesses. From authentic restaurants to grocery stores, professional services, and more, these Iranian-owned gems are treasured by locals. Read on to learn about the best Iranian offerings Dallas has to offer!

Electric Barg Persian Grill – Mouthwatering Kabobs in a Lively Atmosphere

In Richardson, Electric Barg is a longtime favorite for sizzling kebabs and rice dishes. Their menu overflows with classics like juicy chicken kabob, skewered filet mignon, and fragrant basmati rice. Try starters like hummus, grape leaves, and eggplant dip. With colorful decor, upbeat music, and fast, friendly service, the vibe at Electric Barg is always festive. This family-owned restaurant delivers big flavors and hospitality.

Electric Barg Persian Grill - Mouthwatering Kabobs in a Lively Atmosphere

Pars Persian Market – One-Stop for Iranian Specialty Items

This excellent Persian market provides all the ingredients and products you need to cook authentic Persian meals at home. Their shelves overflow with essentials like saffron, dried lime, pomegranate paste, nuts, and dried fruits. You’ll also find prepared dips and kabobs, fresh-baked Barbari bread, pastries, spices, snacks, and delicacies imported from Iran. The helpful staff makes shopping at Pars a breeze.

Saloona – Elegant Modern Persian Cuisine

Led by renowned Chef Mehdi, Saloona puts a refined modern twist on Persian cooking. Dishes like saffron sea bass, filet mignon kabob, and beet ravioli with walnut pesto show his creativity. The ambiance at Saloona is upscale yet warm, with glittering chandeliers and stained glass. Enjoy the entire experience with their 5-course tasting menu paired with fine wines. Saloona is Persian fare perfected into an art form.

Rose Law Group – Legal Services from Persian-American Professionals

At Rose Law Group in Dallas, founder Ardalan “Ardi” Rose leads an experienced team providing legal assistance on business law, real estate, estate planning, and family law. Ardi, born in Tehran, brings understanding and passion to serving Dallas’ Persian community. But Rose Law Group assists clients from all backgrounds. Their attorneys are known for personal, attentive service and diligently resolving complex legal matters.

Rose Law Group - Legal Services from Persian-American Professionals

Melody Fashion – Trendy Clothing with Persian Flair

Owner Melody Pourbaba applies her Iranian-inspired aesthetic to run this popular iranian business in Dallas. Melody Fashion offers chic contemporary women’s clothing accented with Persian details like flowing fabrics, floral prints, and rich jewel tones. You’ll find dresses, pants, tunics, casual tops, and accessories perfect for Texas heat or travel. The affordable prices and cute fashions keep loyal local customers coming back.

Sahel Design + Build – Creating Dream Homes

Led by Iranian-American husband and wife duo Sahel and Cameron Pirzadeh, Sahel Design + Build makes luxury living spaces a reality. Their award-winning iranian store in Dallas offers custom home building, major remodels, and interior design services. Each Sahel project blends Persian and European influences with Texas vernacular and reflects unique personal style, function, and quality craftsmanship. Homeowners, developers, and commercial clients alike appreciate their bespoke approach.

Izad Dentistry – Smiles and Comfort from Dr. Monica Izad

Dr. Monica Izad immigrated from Iran to the U.S. as a child. Today, she leads a dental practice in Plano, delivering gentle care with a calming touch. Dr. Izad spends ample time with patients to explain treatments and answer every question. Her dedication to patient comfort sets many fearful patients at ease. She also volunteers with nonprofits providing free dental care. Izad Dentistry is the comforting, compassionate dental home you’ve been seeking.

Izad Dentistry - Smiles and Comfort from Dr. Monica Izad

Caspian Motors – Specialist in European Auto Repair

Owner Sharok Pishgahi left Iran as a teen before finding his calling repairing and restoring European cars in Dallas. At Caspian Motors persian store in Dallas, he channels his passion into every job, whether a routine brake service or resolving complex engine issues. Sharok and his technicians have expertise across BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Mini Cooper models. Caspian Motors looks after your vehicle like a family for personalized expert service you can trust.

Other Things That You Need to Know About Iranian Business in Dallas

  • The Dallas-Fort Worth area has one of the country’s highest concentrations of Iranian Americans, with large communities settled in suburbs like Plano, Richardson, and Irving.
  • Popular local Persian restaurants include Neyaz Persian Grill, which offers kebabs and rice dishes in a casual setting, and the upscale Naz Restaurant, which serves elevated modern Iranian cuisine.
  • Several Persian markets, such as Shahrzad Market, Sphinx Mediterranean Market, and Super Orient Market, provide ingredients to cook Iranian dishes at home. You’ll find essentials like saffron, pomegranate molasses, flatbreads, and more.
  • Professional services range from doctors’ offices like Dr. Bita Nickfarjam providing family medicine to attorneys like the Yazdani Law Firm offering legal help to the Persian community.
  • Persian rug stores like Elegance Oriental Rugs Importers stock the Dallas area with intricately hand-woven rugs and tapestries direct from Iran.
  • Events like the annual Taste of Persia festival in Dallas and local Norouz celebrations unite the Iranian community to showcase their cuisine, culture, and traditions.
  • Non-profits like the Iranian American Society of Dallas-Fort Worth provide support services, language programs, and cultural education tailored to the local Persian population.
Other Things That You Need to Know About Iranian Business in Dallas

Final Words

Dallas is fortunate to be enriched by many Iranian-owned businesses that expand the cultural landscape while providing valued services and mouthwatering cuisine. From fashion to home remodeling to car care, these local gems reflect Persian heritage while embracing the Texas lifestyle. When you shop at Iranian-owned establishments in DFW, you get one-of-a-kind offerings while supporting the community. I hope you’ll explore and patronize these businesses that make Dallas a more vibrant place to live. Looking for iranian business directory texas? Contact us from below.

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